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Created, written and illustrated by Mike Artelle


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Canadian Crusaderâ„¢

Story synopsis: This is a campy take on the superhero genre, returning it to the light hearted and brightly coloured format of the Silver Age and Bronze Age of comic books, as imagined through a Canadian theme. In the first adventure we meet Canadian Crusaderâ„¢ and learn his origin story as he faces off against the villainous Icicles Manâ„¢. From the second story onwards Canadian Crusader will be joined by a team of Canadian heroes including Moose Manâ„¢, Goose Galâ„¢, Blue Jay Boyâ„¢ and Dominion Kidâ„¢ as they face off against Canuck villains such as Crime Ministerâ„¢, Racoon Womanâ„¢, Mad Mooseâ„¢, and Wilderness Manâ„¢.

Pythor the Barbarianâ„¢

Story synopsis: Unlike typical barbarians, Pythor possesses a moral sense of duty to protect others, and must often rescue Prince Jonathan Boldheart™, the brave yet naive heir to the throne at Castle Boldheart™. Pythor also has the ability to call upon the mystical Dragon Axe which he uses in his never-ending quest to conquer evil. But beware! For the Dragon Axe does not simply slay evil beasts, instead it magically turns them into…links of sausages!?! With such a talent it's no surprise that Pythor soon befriends an Ogre named Vul-Gar™ whose hunger is never ending. Together they travel the medieval landscape seeking to right wrongs and help those in need. Upon their quest they cross paths with many villains such as Doomstrike the Wizard™, Boris the Demon™, Reptillion Warriors™, and Burgle Beasts™.

Griffon Shadow: â„¢ Guardian of the Underworld

This Gothic themed story tells of Kevin Conrad's â„¢ transformation into Griffon Shadow â„¢ and his battle with King Hades and Queen Persephone, who have trapped our hero in the underworld. Kevin must find a way to escape purgatory in order to become a mortal being once again. Meanwhile, unknown to Kevin, his partner Michael McNicholâ„¢ is also captured by Queen Persephone and has become the manifestation of St. Michael the Archangel. Now stuck for eternity in the underworld, slave to the Gods as messenger of souls, Michael's only hope for salvation is to be recused by Kevin, who has since become the Guardian of the Underworld, Griffon Shadow.

Perseus and the Gorgon Medusa

Story synopsis: This comic book will present an original retelling of the popular Greek Mythology tale about Perseus' quest to slay the evil Gorgon Medusa. Along the way Perseus gets help from the Gods Hermes and Athena, and learns that he is the mortal son of Zeus.

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