Comic book adventures for all ages!

Created, written and illustrated by Mike Artelle


Ordering Information

Since 2011 I've sold hand-made puppets at these annual events:

Additional events will be listed on Mikey's Art and Puppetry Blog

Online Purchases: Please visit our Etsy store.

Questions? Please contact Mike Artelle at: Mike "at"

Artelle Puppets vender booth at the Ottawa Geek Market, 2014

This is my "Artelle Puppets" vender booth
at the Ottawa Geek Market, 2014

About Pythor Comics Hand-made Puppets

Who makes them?

Puppeteer Mike Artelle has presented puppet shows and workshops since the late 1980's. In 2011 he began selling hand-made puppets based on themes such as superheroes, medieval fantasy, and storybook characters.

Important Safety Information

My puppets are hand-made one at a time, and are not mass-produced commercial products. Therefore they are sold as artisan pieces and are not recommended for children who put objects in their mouth.

Questions? Please e-mail Mike: Mike "at"

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Terms of Sale


As an independent artist, quality is extremely important to me. The reputation of Pythor Comics is on the line each time an item is sold, so I have a high standard of quality for every order that leaves the studio. Items will be thoroughly inspected before they are sold to make certain that they are in perfect condition.

Refund Policy

As the puppets are plush items all sales will be final. Unfortunately I cannot accept returns or exchanges.

Terms of Use (legal stuff)

The purchase cost of the puppet(s) allows the customer, and subsequent owner(s), to own the copy of the puppet(s) in question for home use. The purchase does not in any way extend any copyright or trademark rights to the customer or subsequent owner(s). All rights remain with the creator of the puppet, Mike Artelle, including, but not limited to, the pattern(s) of the puppet(s). Use of these puppets in any public presentation (live, pre-recorded or other), or for any presentation which promotes a product or service, or which presents the puppets or characters in an inappropriate manner, regardless of whether or not an admission fee is charged or a performance fee is paid, is a violation of the terms of use. To request permission for any commercial use of Artelle Puppets please contact Mike Artelle: Mike "at"

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